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India is Great

I feel proud to be an Indian.


  1. We want to start feeding our brothers & sisters of india, when everyone gets there food daily then only india is great.

    Interesting seized money to the tenth of rupee must be accounted buy all departments of the gov. Do you know most people have no food in india, The seize money should be given to the needful. We will be happy indians to work for are brothers & sisters of india,GOD BLESS INDIA. Since indian gov. does not care for its citizens livelihood. lets make india great by feeding. let the world follows us now. INDIA IS BLESSED COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, YOUR LOVE WILL TRANSFORM THE WORLD FROM NUCLEAR TO FEEDING THE WOMEN & CHILD FOR FUTURE.

  2. i feel proud to be an Indian because India is where i was born…….till 10 years is have been in India

  3. I love my country she is my mother even if she is poor , illiterate whatever form she is…. here my country I am the first citizen and treated as one . I am proud to be an Indian and will teach my children the same


  4. india is great for me because i am proud to be an idian

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